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Nailers, Staplers and Screw Guns
16-18 Gauge Brad Nailers
Brad Nailers Air powered finish "brad" nailers are used for millwork assembly and trim work. 18 gauge nailer fire 5/8" to 2" gauge finish nails. 16 guage nails fire 3/4"
Construction Staplers
1/2" Crown Construction Stapler Construction staplers are use in wood strapping, sheathing and fencing applications. Requires Bostitch 16ga Construction Staples 1"-2". 
Roofing Nailer
Coil Roofing Nailer For ultra fast fastening of shingles to wood sheathed roofs, contractors and DIY'ers rely on Bostitch Coil Roofing Nailers. These air powered tools require a hose and co
Framing Nailers
Pneumatic Framing Nailers Air powered framing nailers are designed to drive 2"-3-1/4" framing nails. These highly productive tools are used for wood construction in framing, sheathing
Belted Screw Guns
Belted Screw Guns   Ideal for dedicated “stand-up jobs” such as decking, subflooring, sheathing and drywall. The fast change option allows for quick change over to diff