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Exterior Scaffold Components
Standard Scaffold Frames
Standard 60" x 60" Scaffold Frame. Used in conjection with 7ft or 10ft braces to create a full section.
Narrow Scaffold Frame
Narrow scaffold frames are used to create a 30" wide section.
Short Frame
Short 30" x 60" scaffold frames are designed to install on top of 60"x60"x10' section with accompanying "Red" braces. 
Sidewalk End Frame 60"W x 76"H
Walk-through Arch Frames are designed for use in areas where pedestrians require access, such as sidewalks.
Scaffold Braces
Scaffold braces keep the end frames together. The lenght of the brace required is dependant on the height of the frame and width of section you are creating.
Work Platforms 10x19
Scaffold platforms are used to create walkways and work stages on scaffold. Available in 10' and 7' lenghts.
Level Legs
Level Legs or jacks are designed to level scaffld sections on uneven terrain. Available in 24" and 36" Heights.
8 Inch Caster
Scaffold casters are designed for standard and narrow frames to provide portability.  
Guardrail Section
Guardrail sections and components are used to create a secure barrier at the top of your work platform and reduce the risk of falling.  
Scaffold Wagon
Scaffold wagons provide portability on rough terrain. Comes complete with  level legs for levelling and stabilization. 
Standard 60" x 60" x 10 Section
   Standard 60"x60"x10' scaffold section comprises of 2 end frames and 2 cross braces.      
Scaffold Setup
Safe erection and usage of scaffold is very important to the safety of users and bystanders. Please follow all instructions and guidelines to ensure you create a SAFE work environment.